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morbidfrog's Journal

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27 February
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  • morbidfrog@livejournal.com
Regular info on what I get up to in and out of London, as well as posting of interesting events.

My name is Cecile and I guess I can be described as a friendly Artistic Goth Librarian . I have been in London for 16 years but still have very heavy french accent.
Mostly posts about what's on and what simonsatori and I got up to on our visits and outings. I am a visual person so expect plenty of photos, from visits, to festivals and my creations

I am often helping organising and promoting goth/vamp events in London

Also on facebook as Cecile Dubuis

Dissertation on Library and the Occult available here: http://www.morbidfrog.co.uk/

I love being social, going out and dancing, I love going to European Goth and Metal Festivals and my music taste are varied ....what I like the most is Operatic/symphonic Metal, Trad Goth, Goth-Metal, Black Metal, MM and more than anything else Inkubus Sukkubus .

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