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The Knights Templar Conference...700 years later - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Knights Templar Conference...700 years later [Oct. 15th, 2007|01:01 pm]
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On Saturday 13 october 2007, exactly 700 years ago  to the day since the trial of the Knights Templar began. 
As a commemoration Atlantis Bookshop organised an all day conference.
The conference was 10 – 6pm followed by further walk and ceremony events.
It took place in the very posh Charing Cross hotel.
Going to the conference right after the ballet watching Edward II being “poked” on stage the night before was quite fitting as I hadn’t realise he was also a key element and involved in the whole events.
I made so many notes, I am not even sure how to decipherer them
But on the whole this was the program of talks:
  • The Templar’s in London by R Stephenson
  • Templar organisations then and now by S Wilson
  • Reconstruction of the arms and Armours of the KT by J Smith
  • The enduring legacy of the mystique of templar survival in Scotland and further a field by P Sykes
  • Templar on my Doorsteps by C Harper
  • The arrests of the KT by R Lomas
  • The trial of the Templar’s by E Lord
  • Q&A
Also most of the talks were done by published writers and they were able to signed the books after their talk, a very tempting bookstall by Atlantis was also there…and the best Baphomet sculpture ever…but at £150 just out of reach for me…
The Templar’s in London by R Stephenson
That was one of my favourite talk I think, mainly because I am obsess when it come to visiting London places and this match it all up, it took us to familiar places; like temple church (recently visited on my birthday on the Da Vinci Walk) but also we were taken across London Templar properties, mainly all in the city and now were all the lawyers are. It was an illustrated talk, so to me it revisited many places I had been to but adding significance. This time I got a much better history and background for the Templar Church
It also show other churches and the different gates when they were imprisoned.
They owed quite a large number of properties and grounds in their time, and you still have little signed of their presence in many places. Actually were our Halloween party is used to be their parish garden.
Also we were shown the direct alignment from st Paul to Templar church, I do get sometimes confused with all this alignment theory on London as each occult geometry walk I go seem to have their own version from Masonic to Pagan or kabalah but still a fascinating subject.
Templar organisations then and now by S Wilson
Not too surprisingly Steve came up with the idea for the conference and this was a great talk on another favourite subject of mine secret. This was overlooking some of the organisations using the templar as their inspiration or direct lineage.
Many refers themselves as templar, mostly they are offshoot of freemasonry, using various Masonic degrees and rituals.
He covered such societies as the Royal Order of Scotland, Oddfellows, lots of fraternity orders, Irish and Lancastrians society, The International Organisation of Good Templar’s.
Some I had never heard of had fabulous name like the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and they have so many followers, just had a quick glance of wikki.
Ordo Templi Orientis which use the baphomet icon we also had on our day ticket and more famous for Crowley and their “sex”ritual
Also talked a bit about the Order of the Solar Temple who were based upon the new age myth of the continuing existence of the Knights Templar and more famous for their mass murder and suicide ending with Steve own froth blower society but that can be found on his own LJ.
Reconstruction of the arms and Armours of the KT by J Smith
An avid historical re-enactor with Regia Anglorum, Jonathan went through the difficult and uncomfortable dressing into a knight’s templar in front of our eyes.
He had recreated the exact replica, fascinating amount of interest, research and reconstruction was undertaken to recreate it.  its hard to imagine having to wear so many uncomfortable layers but then clothing standard have changed and it hard for us today to imagine.
So Brother Cinuhl had some interesting apparels and was struggling as he didn’t have his 2 usual squires.
I had not come across chain mail stoking before and most struggle seemed to be with the mitten chain mail overall...as he described himself a bit of a silver teletubby.
All was there, the caper, singulum, we even had lance, sword, shield, helmet…they had to have 3 knots in their belt and 3 knifes.
The famous white cross was only on the white mantel.
The whole outfit was full of rules, so was their diet and life.
A few of us went to have lunch in the St Martin in the Crypt who recently reopened and learn lots from a German lady about the Rudolph Steiner schooling system, I hadn’t realised he had so many schools using his system. Even lunch time was a learning one…and so happy the crypt has reopened.
The enduring legacy of the mystique of templar survival in Scotland and further a field by P Sykes
Not sure if it was the after effect of lunch or tiredness, but I just couldn’t follow this talk, I made hardly any notes and it kind of just washed over me. Still it was nice to have visuals and to revisit the Rosslyn Chapel …
Templar on my Doorsteps by C Harper
Mini talk about Temple Wycombe, showing how its past history is noticeable in today street names. Planning to go on a visit there one day so that was interesting.
The arrests of the KT by R Lomas
That was the best presentation, clear, interesting grabbing PowerPoint.
Although interested by the subject my reading usually more on the “esoteric, holy grail” content so never actually known much about the actual historic fact. Like the Cathars, this is very much ignored by French history classes, and it wasn’t until I moved to the UK that I came across it.
The speaker had knowledge and knew how to convey it not surprisingly he has written best seller on the subject and his new book sound has fascinating.
He took us through the events of the arrest of the templar’s, describing the pre planning and the possible reasons behind the king choice. I learned about french kings which also have been ignore lots… the whole plot and dawn raid were very well organised and marked the end of the Templar’s 700 ago exactly
Mad how one king managed to the end the most powerful military machine in the world.
He also explained about the impossibilities of ships escaping with treasure and we also visited Scandinavia, Vikings and pirates.
The trial of the Templar’s by E Lord
Another published writer, unfortunately her latest book was stuck somewhere in the postal strike. This was more about the actual trials and tortured technique. It was great to realise the differences the ways the Templar’s were arrested, tortured and trialled across Europe. They had a terrible time in France whilst elsewhere the kings were more lenient. It was nice to get to hear more about Edward II than just his sexual life covered in the ballet the night before.

An excellent day of heresy, bankrupt kings, secret societies, the true cross, interrogations, new age templar’s,  all fascinating and make you hungry for more….

[User Picture]From: failing_angel
2007-10-15 12:18 pm (UTC)
Eddie was a class guy when it came to stiffing the Pope from the cash and easing off on the Knights.

So the talk was well worth checking out.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2007-10-15 12:27 pm (UTC)
worth the money.....and learned lots
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: daevid
2007-10-15 12:28 pm (UTC)
Mmm... have you already seen this....


(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2007-10-15 12:41 pm (UTC)
yes a friend sent it to me a few weeks ago...well they are still not printing many version....so still very few will get to read it.

Always nice to have the church agree they made a mistake...always a bit late...
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: gbsteve
2007-10-15 12:30 pm (UTC)
Did they talk about the new book from the Vatican? The one that shows they were not guilty of heresy.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2007-10-15 12:38 pm (UTC)
it came up in the Q&A but i think the conference was prepared before that and well money and opower had always more to do than being ehretic...but funny all coming out now..we joked it was to help celebrate it too
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