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Labyrinth at the Vaults Festival - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Labyrinth at the Vaults Festival [Mar. 5th, 2018|06:35 pm]
Saturday 3 March: Labyrinth at the Vaults Festival
We were not exactly quite sure what to expect, advertised as an immersive journey through the winding world of the LABYRINTH with awe-inspiring aerial performances and astounding circus . What we have was more awful disco with some nicely theme acts every 40 min. However due to stage level and placement it was not always easy to see but the entertainment I really enjoyed. Some quirky fire bird fire breathers, amazing faun doing trapeze and silk, even the band was fun to watch and Jareth looked the part. I especially enjoyed the final scene when Sarah ripped her white dress to go in the hoop and the end on stage really felt the theme but the rest was so disappointing. The vaults were hardly decorated, there was nothing immersive about it, no secret passages or rooms to explore, just the main room with a terrible disco with music as far away from anything Labyrinth like and a Moroccan tent like. Also the least dressed up crowd I have experienced in that venue or similar fantasy event. Luckily we got ticket very early bird, but I think if I had paid full prices I would have been a bit disappointed.

unicorn :)