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A snowy Birthday Celebration - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A snowy Birthday Celebration [Mar. 2nd, 2018|07:12 pm]
Tuesday 27 February: I am 43 !!! A snowy Birthday Celebration

I had booked a little private room at the Boogaloo, and that day well the snow arrived , so most could not make it...but a few courageous friends braved the arctic conditions and the transport system to make it to my birthday drinks. In the end the private room I had booked (being in the courtyard) was just too cold, so we had to move to the main pub but luckily it was not too busy. Thanks for all the lovely cards, malibu’s, tea’s and presents. Somehow some scary unicorn seemed to have ended up in all the photos!!!

wrap up warm