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‘Winter Tales 2: The Witching Hour’ - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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‘Winter Tales 2: The Witching Hour’ [Feb. 19th, 2018|09:33 pm]
Saturday 17 February: ‘Winter Tales 2: The Witching Hour’

. A mini little festival of words and music. Fantastic sets by Kirsten Morrison and Fear of the Forest (Kate Arnold) their albums are rarely off the CD player at home, so o seeing them live is always a pleasure, I heard some new ones and they even playing together which was great. Of course I am a little bias toward Simon project Hi-Reciprocity and well, I might have heard the set a few times for the past few weeks…but all the practice paid off with a great performance and the new songs worked great. There was also a few writers talking about and reading from their books: Sarah Channing-Wright, Syd Morrison and Cathi Unsworth. The latter two I did not know and have returned with their books. Looking forward to read about Essex witches and any books mentioning Helen Duncan also got my interest. Also got to catch up with friends and returned with an Alan ending the night chattering on the sofa.