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Black Panther [Feb. 19th, 2018|09:18 pm]
Wednesday 14 February: Black Panther

Saw Black Panther on Valentine (must be love being dragged to yet another super heroes film ;) ) Quite a good film, really enjoyed for once not being set in America and loved seeing all the imaginary settings and tribes (especially all the amazing outfits). The main character lacks a little bit of charisma compared to the kick ass ladies he was surrounded by. As always I enjoyed the non-fighting bits a lot more but a little bit different so enjoyed it. It got quite an impressive round of applause at the end, which i have never witness at our local but then it was the first time I have ever seen our local cinema so busy, even Star Wars only was a ¼ full. I guess being Valentine (although mostly family) and the 241 day it is only £3 a ticket.