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Therion [Feb. 19th, 2018|07:55 pm]
Saturday 3 February: Therion

That afternoon Ade, Steve and Shelly arrived in Wood green, dropped their back then we went to Camden for dinner. We then joined Lorena in the pub opposite the venue. This was very exciting as the band was there too and i got to have a photo with the singer when he was outside for a cigarette so :) :) :)

The support bands. Not seen any of them before so we made sure we were them from the start, especially as the first one Midnight Eternal kicked off at 18.15, next was post apocalyptic Null Positiv and my discovery for that night was Imperial Age, as well as super over the top , great outfits and there is never enough songs about Atlantis :) My likelyness music wise pretty much when in same order as the running order.

Therion did a blast of a gig, absolutely blown away again by their performance. Been listening to my signed triple new album all day <3. I cannot wait when it finally come to the stage as a fullon rock/music opera, expected to be more of that yesterday nonetheless whoaaa as we got treated to lots of new and the classics at the end. Still wish they would play songs from Fleur du Mal but then it is such a weird album for non french speakers . We all left with massive grins on our faces.

The next day we just stayed at home and relax , even introduced train crazy man Ade to Ticket to Ride board game and beat him :)

Midnight eternal. not quite had the voice, very bland

Null Positiv, great presence and voice, not quite all to my taste but impressive

excellent as we had not seen valeria for ever

Imperial age ...awesome a new fan..cheesy awesomeness

Therion just blew us away