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Unicorn Cafe, Chatuchak Market and ByeBye Thailand - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Unicorn Cafe, Chatuchak Market and ByeBye Thailand [Feb. 16th, 2018|06:17 pm]
Sunday 7 January: Unicorn Cafe, Chatuchak market and Bye Bye Thailand

One last swim, quite a view of modern Bangkok
Today we used Bangkok tube for the first time, air con and easy to use. Another side of the city we hadn't quite experiment yet
For our last day here we were torn between visiting another hell temple but quite far outside town or stay in town and go Unicorn cafe... Unicorn it was, and I am so glad as it was as pink and cute as expected. It also had a matching menu, even the burger had a horn, rainbow carbonara but we went for the most colourful pancakes ever, with rainbow candy floss, surprisingly delicious and not sickly sweet 🌈 and I rented a unicorn onesie to eat my rainbow food and drink my unicorn drink...had to be done...loved it...Glad we got there before it open, as it got so busy later...we need more theme cafe in London I love them.
Our last afternoon was spent at Chatuchak market, blimey the guide did say one of biggest in the world...perfect for last minute shopping, but too many amazing stalls from antiques, to souvenirs, clothes, arts, vintage, handicraft, street food, a real maze could have spent so much longer there, sadly had to return (rush back like crazy) to hotel to make our way to airport

Pretty airport, although mega delay at passport control it was then a big rush onto our plane, but at least no delays on either planes until we got to London and Piccadilly lines was delayed……


swim what a view

Unicorn cafe

the menu

unicorns everywhere

views from the tube

the old and new