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Ko Samet Island & Giant Duck - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ko Samet Island & Giant Duck [Feb. 15th, 2018|06:10 pm]
Thursday 4 January: Ko Samet Island & Giant Duck

Tested the pool after breakfast but although lovely the sea so perfect …no point…weird in all previous resort experience the sea was always more difficult to access and used the pool so much more but here just beach heave, .even able to leave all your stuff safely on the chairs.
Originally my plan was to rent a bike and try visit all the 14 beaches on the island, spent ages crating maps and plans for it all...but instead we rented a giant duck for the day!!!! I still think the unicorn would have been easier to steer but the duck won.
A day of swimming, playing card games and giant duck….it felt so wrong and so lovely after weeks of business and travels. It always worry me I could so enjoyed holidays just of beaches but it also seemed a waste when so much culture and places to explore.


morning tide in bars

simon got his duck

a swim , a game, a swim, a game

rainbow ice cream

cats of course

evening swim

coconut and full of wonderful sun