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Off to Ko Samet island - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Off to Ko Samet island [Feb. 15th, 2018|05:54 pm]
Wednesday 3 January: Off to Ko Samet island

One again going from A to B was an adventure in itself, that morning we used a songthaew, two minivans, a side tuktuk and two boats but we eventually got there. Each time being moved from one to the next in complete chaos and never sure why but they all seem to happen whilst on their phones.
We even had a very cuddly cat to keep us company awaiting for our ferry.

So many paradise islands in Thailand but we only had a few days (also on same side as last hell temple) so we picked that one as also nearest to bangkok 
For once I picked the right resort, lovely crescent shape beach, busy but quiet at same time. At night the beach turned into lots of restaurant in the sand and BBQ. The water super blue, the sand hot, we have a lovely little house/cabin and a pool.
Went to a restaurant at the end of our beach more on the rocks, so many cats everywhere catching crabs in the sand and watch some fire show on the beach…paradise.

we thought we had tried most tuk front/back and now sideways

cats waiting for ferry with us

the last boat for the day for us and our luggages

our house for next few days

those were so nice

getting very excited

happy happy

so renting one the next day

interesting ways to show menu in all the restaurants!!! well the ones not thai...oddly enpough that night had the hottest thai food i had all holiday

our restaurant that night

tables taking over the beach at night


fire on the beach

sad my unicorn blow up toy was in my shed...although small next to those

back to cats

of course and coconut