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Bang Saen Beach, Motorbike, Cockerels and Khao San Muk - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bang Saen Beach, Motorbike, Cockerels and Khao San Muk [Feb. 14th, 2018|08:03 pm]
Tuesday 2 January: Bang Saen Beach, Motorbike, Cockerels and Khao San Muk

 After Hell we needed to find the bus station to find a way to escape the next day and this is the one bit I just could not prepare or find much information online. Also we had no idea where the station was so we attempted asking if there was any songthew or taxi, next thing we know we ended up on the back of a motorbike , then mine took a turn but then realised Simon one didn’t so decided to catch up with them going full blast against traffic!!! 
Quite fun… We got to the bus station to find eventually someone with information regarding minivan, all done via sign and pointing. We then decided to walk back, silly mistake miles away.
Still we saw all the university part of town and eventually found the beach again so had our first swim...and the family next to us brought their bird cage along, with a canary on a leash?
Apparently the year of the cockerel, they just take it one step further as always
Whilst walking along the beach after our swim and wandering the best way to go and visit the Monkey Mountain, we bumped into my motorbike driver from earlier with sign language we managed to explain we wanted to see Khao Sam Muk, a 45 metre high rocky hill full of monkeys and a shrine at the top. So we both jump at the back!!!
Great fun all 3 of us on the bike with monkeys everywhere, jumping on all the cars (I was too afraid to let go of the driver waist to take many photos)
Back for a few more swims and my first lavender mojito too, okay but not very pronounced.

Beach full of very cool bikes to rent to ride up and down the path

pretty house on walk back

not quite the paradise beach from postcard, just thai and very clothes...luckily i could borrow simon tshirt not too stand out too much between my flesh and whiteness...still water was lovely

few cockerel at that shrine

Khao San Muk

our bike driver