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Wat Mae Kaet Noi Hell Temple - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wat Mae Kaet Noi Hell Temple [Feb. 13th, 2018|06:01 pm]
Monday 1 January: Wat Mae Kaet Noi Hell Temple

One way to start the year with a bang, by going to Hell. Visiting some hell temples was one of our main reason to come to Thailand. Never the easiest place to get to and not on any guide books.
Like a kitsch gory themepark, full if locals taking their kids to be warned by the danger of being bad. Buddhist Hell are always super kitsch (as we discover in Sri Lanka) but those are the next level with sound effect and insert a coin and they move.
Too gory for Audrey so she stayed at the hotel to have thai massage :)
So live grinding of organs, blood everywhere, head and body parts being cut off, witch coming out of cauldron, violence of various sort. From insane monsters to gruesome human boiling, school children hooked, very bloody but the kitchyness make it more like a weird London dungeon of gruesome...hard to describe. Quite graphic but surreal.

Sorry for linking to that evil paper but it is how I discover some of those. I knew about one in Atlas obscura but the one in Chiang Mai discover through there

This afternoon we left Chiang Mai . We sadly had to say goodbye at the airport as we continued onto Bang Saen ( would you believe to visit another hell temple) and Audrey went home

cool entry

this moved when you insert coins


imagine with movement and sound

the realistic ones are more disturbing in many ways

some made so little sense..horse on a bike killing people/??

that tree

the totally surreal

that one was very disturbing