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Golden Triangle - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Golden Triangle [Feb. 9th, 2018|07:53 pm]
Saturday 30 December: Golden Triangle

We also went to Laos, well set foot in Laos. A boat trip on the Golden Triangle, so we saw no man land island, waved at Thailand, Myamar and stopped in Laos, paid our land fee and had time to do some shopping and returned with Laos’s whisky and more souvenirs. Not enough time in amazing temples but time for a boat trip with little to see…why I not a fan or organised trips they crammed to much in and have weird idea of what people want to spend more time doing!! Still unplanned visit to Laos

cool boat version

no man land belongs to no one

casino in laos, as not allowed in thailand

allowed in for 30 min

at least finally warmer :)

bought a little necklace