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White Temple Chiang Rai - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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White Temple Chiang Rai [Feb. 9th, 2018|06:33 pm]
Saturday 30 December: White Temple Chiang Rai

White temple, as amazing as expected, a modern one still under construction, just shimmers. My favourite part was hell, hundreds of outreaching hands, faces in thorns, the details were amazing, once you pass the mythical creatures on the bridge we got to heaven ( no photos inside the temple sadly). Beautiful fantasy spacey murals with harry potter, Neo from matrix, superman, hello kitten, Bush riding missile (reminded me of the London temple).
Outside severed head of famous charaters like Freddie, Hellraiser...dangling from trees, skull traffic cones and Lots more kitsch evil stuff.
Only had an under an hour so it was manic, had to do the gallery with the original paintings running and we didn't get to visit the other buildings. Must return one day but whoaaaa done amazing artist and imagination here. Only 20 years old. More I visit Thailand more I realise it is the more modern creations I love…weird as total opposite at home. ❤



other temples

just a littel one


even the non smoking signs!!!


too rush would need all day there

Some gold too..those were the blingest toilet block ever!!!!