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Chiang Mai: another 8 amazing temples - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chiang Mai: another 8 amazing temples [Feb. 8th, 2018|06:11 pm]
Friday 29 December: Chiang Mai: Wat Muen Lard, Wat Pahnon,Wat Sumphow, Wat Phantao , Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Taom, Wat Srikoed & Wat Phra Singh Temples

The temples exploration continues, so much varieties it is crazy..

4 Wat Muen Lard Temple
Gold cat and real cats and more beautiful gold decors

5 Wat Pahnon Temple
Big gold stupa, so much string inside, amazing it also had a lovely market all around it so we had lunch there as so colourful.

6 Wat Sumphow
Colourful dragons

lovely decor in the streets

7 Wat Phantao
Dark wood temple, ribbons in trees

8. Wat Chedi Luang
A beautiful and popular tourist spot in Chiang Mai but since a bunch of men decided a long long time ago that women weren’t quite pure enough, Audrey and I had to stay outside one of the sanctuary waiting for Simon to tell us how magnificent the inside was. It was rather frustrating but I’m glad at least one of us could make it. Luckily it was just one building in the whole complex!!!
Fab big green guardians, the main temple was so cathedral like but gold , ruins at the back, lots different style , colour buildings, big tummy Buddha, reclining Buddha’s.

9 Wat Taom

Just a little one we passed so had to go in

10. Wat Srikoed

big old tree

11: Wat Phra Singh

Lots look life like wax monks, they look so real and one shiny gold stuppa with elephants like mirror

this one is real


so gold!!!