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Chiang Mai: Mahawa, Watcheatawan & Wat Buppharam Temples - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chiang Mai: Mahawa, Watcheatawan & Wat Buppharam Temples [Feb. 8th, 2018|05:16 pm]
Friday 29 December: Chiang Mai: Mahawan , Watcheatawan & Wat Buppharam Temples

That morning swim was very fresh but hopefully the sun will return . Breakfast was with all the cats and dogs, in their beautiful garden, endless homemade waffles, omelettes and passion fruits :)
We have fallen in love with Chiang Mai, so laid back, easy to walk, super friendly and such wealth of temples. I also got a new camera card We did 12 temple complexes whilst just strolling in town , popping in between to amazing shops (so so many more), all more stunning than the next and with such variety. From Disney décor to gold explosion and the most stunning one completely silver with Stonehenge and London design.
Those first three were an explosion of ornaments, gold, disney and every shape of dragons

1 Mahawan Temple
Lots of mythical creatures , beautiful gold doors and monks creating strings.

eating some poor garden gnome

what a construction

2 Watcheatawan Temple
Beautiful Mosaic glass, stuppas, amazing paintings inside one of the temple as very reds and purples

3 Wat Buppharam
Donald duck, lots of weird characters statues dotted around the temple falling apart, fabulous paintings, staircase, an emerald Buddha, beautiful arches and beautiful traditional books. Quite a mix match. One dragon so look like the one in never-ending story

full of random deities :) 


even the water tap is amazing!!!


nice old wooden section too