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Phinasulok & Historical city of Sukkhotai - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Phinasulok & Historical city of Sukkhotai [Feb. 7th, 2018|09:19 pm]
Wednesday 27 December: Phinasulok & Historical city of Sukkhotai
The journey from hell
We eventually made it to Phinasulok at 4am, hectic journey, on top of bone chilling rainfall, our train kept being delay, finally got one it around 11.30pm . We were in 3rd class so quite mayhem and hard to find space for our luggage, tired, sleepy but no announcement of stations so we had to keep alert and try to guess right when to get off as no one spoke English.
The worst was we unlucky happened to sit with a lady carrying durian fruits, never smelled anything quite like that for 4 +hours...we left quite sick a mixture of urinal, rotting fruits and sick. Everyone was covering their face, we just happened to do it on it and only realised what it was once we followed the culprit as we got off at same station…around 4 am…jump on a tuktuk and straight to next hotel

4 hours sleep later, we jump on a taxi onto the bus station to catch a coach to the old city of Sukhotai "Dawn of Happiness", an ancient capital in the 13th and 14th centuries, now classified as a World Heritage Site.
Would have quite happily stayed there longer so pretty and much more what we expected Ayuthaya to be like, pretty ruins in parks. You can visit in all sort of ways but we did it by feet. We only scratch the surface as so many temples. We were also very worried of missing the last bus back as it was as frequent as expected online
It rained all day, I even had to buy a poncho, so must returned one day on a more relax sunny day as such beautiful grounds. Still we saw some stunning ruins

we went to this cafe that promises fried flower sadly they ran out :(

Wat Traphang Thong
the very first temple we visited just before we entered Sukhotai historical park.
Loved the white strings that cross the temple grounds, to transfer the blessing directly down to visitors. These white strings are then cut into small pieces and attached around the wrists of visitors for good luck.

Wat Mahathat
the remains of the royal palace and many temples, including, the biggest temple in Sukhothai.

Wat Si Sawai
Next to the grandiose Wat Mahathat, the very atmospheric Wat Si Sawai can be found.

Wat Sa Si
The small but pretty Wat Sa Si. It was a very cloudy and rainy day unfortunately but the place was very peaceful and all the sites nearby so it was not too much of a problem.

Modern temple

Wat Phra phai wang

Elephant temple (not sure of the name , just a little one we passed)

Wat Si Chum
And last but certainly not least, the very impressive Wat Si Chum and its giant seated Buddha. The huge right hand covered in gold leaves was really beautiful.

We finished quite far out and absolutely no idea where we were or much traffic luckily we found a café who managed to call a tuk tuk to returned us to the bus station and we made it back to Phinasulok…filled with hot soup at the station and back to hotel to hot shower..then that night whilst transferring my photos my card was corrupted and lost them all …so much upsets (luckily a friend recoved some and the rest I pinched from the ones I had posted on FB and Audrey..but much more time consuming)