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Travel to Ayuthaya - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Travel to Ayuthaya [Feb. 7th, 2018|06:24 pm]
Monday 25 December: Travel to Ayuthaya

That afternoon we took a train to Ayuthaya that was very pleasant and so cheap. Unfortunately as we arrived and tried booking our train for the next day but it was full. We then tried booking buses but no lucky either. In the end we did managed to grab tickets for a 3rd class in the middle of the night train.
At least our little homestay Ban are Gone was beautiful all in wood panels and with a very Chinese decor riverside cafe. We were staying right by the train station too.

This trains was so nice with ladies selling lots of yummy fruits , foods and drinks up and down the carriage...mangoes :)

apparently closing doors not necessary


wooden room, every wall covered in panels and many wooden doors

of course full of cats