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Damneonssaduak Floating Market. - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Damneonssaduak Floating Market. [Feb. 5th, 2018|12:44 pm]
Sunday 24 December: Damneonssaduak Floating Market.
That day we decided to do ones of the floating markets outside Bangkok. The one we ended up on was a bit touristic Damnoen Saduak, but we managed to get deal with a taxi to take us to the dragon tower we really wanted to go to afterwards, so location wise it made sense. Still it was fun racing through canals, saw some water monitors, shops along the canal, the mayhem and traffic jams in the floating market. Also visited some lovely temples along the canals

pretty houses

there is never a cute animal far away to cuddle