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Joey's Circus at Barge Puppet Theatre - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Joey's Circus at Barge Puppet Theatre [Jan. 26th, 2018|01:19 pm]
Sunday 21 January :Joey's Circus at Barge Puppet Theatre

Sunday morning Cheryl and Dave arrived, it started to snow quite heavily after brunch but we had to brave it to go to Little Venice as we had tickets to see a show on a barge theatre at 3pm
It was lovely i have passed that barge so many time but never been inside, lots of old puppets and the snow by then had become rain. Cute show (the only adults at the back without children) but then we love puppets and they are about to live on a barge.
Returned home for dinner and lots of board games as they were staying over to go and do the Harry Potter exhibition the next day