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Enchanted evening at Talliston House - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Enchanted evening at Talliston House [Jan. 18th, 2018|01:32 pm]
Sunday 14 January : Enchanted evening at Talliston House

What an amazing place we have just been visiting or transported to for our anniversary.
We sat in the snugg of a canadian log cabin , we had afternoon tea in a medieval Victorian tower, climbed into a Cambodian shrine in the attic , went to the loo in a norvegian bathroom , explored a haunted bedroom, futuristic japan ....The few photos I took last night at Talliston House, do not do it justice as each room has it is own time zone, century, style, smells, decor, story...best to look on their website or just go!!! we had own own private tour by its creator and it is such a fascinating and inspiring project, as well as yummy afternoon tea.
The lovely atmospheric lighting= too dark photos vs flash= kill the whole ambiance...

Really would recommend going as they do all sort of events and tours.
What a way to spent our anniversary


full album: https://ceciledubuis.smugmug.com/2018/Talliston-House/