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10 years anniversary - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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10 years anniversary [Jan. 18th, 2018|10:03 am]
I have been a bit quiet since we returned, mainly because i am waiting for my photos from thailand to be recovered by a techyy friend, those who follow fb know the card got corrupted. Luckily i had post most on FB and i have audrey ones in case...but still not the same. So i will start proper blog about Thailand when i have processed them all.

Amazing time, we returned, i went to work for one day , caught flu and then stuck in bed ...finally after a few days of delirium and boredom i did managed to dragged my sorry body out of the house as it was Simon and I 10 years anniversary on Monday

Our main celebration was Thailand, and high tea at Talliston House (next post)