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Eden House Gig - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eden House Gig [Nov. 22nd, 2017|06:04 pm]
Saturday 17 November: Brick Lane /Spitafield

That day i had to pop by to see Bonnie to plan my next tattoo, so we had a day shopping and rummaging in Brick lane and Spitafield market in the drizzle.

I was feeling a jack day :)

Sunday 18 November: Eden House Gig

busier day than planned as microwave died (did me good 10+ years), lasted a day without it...so trip to the tip, argos, garden centre...back home and time to go out again
A fantastic way to end the weekend. I love Eden House then in that mix you add Monica Richards ( love love love) what a recipe of wonderful music. Fantastic to see Louise and Meghan joining the guys on stage too, I love having all three voices and the new album has been on repeat all day at work :)
Great to also see: Skeletal Family, The Society and Siberia and catch up with so many friends

with Monica Richards

Cold day so many extentions was a good idea


The Society

Skeletal Family

Eden House