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Claudia and Steve Handfasting - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Claudia and Steve Handfasting [Nov. 22nd, 2017|05:53 pm]
Friday 17 November: Claudia and Steve Handfasting

That Friday, we witnessed Claudia & Steve special day. A wonderfful touching and fun ceremony, honored to be part of it and to be asked to do the water blessing. Beautiful wall carving room fitted their Tudors/Victorian theme, lots of friends , happy beaming couple and the music what to say i danced a lot, although multiple bustles are definately the best outfit to bounce to Rammstein or Rob Zombie . Also the best array of classic cars.

the dress code was Tudor/Victorian

full album: https://ceciledubuis.smugmug.com/2017/Claudia-Steve-Wedding/

me doing water blessing at the handfasting

druid handfasting

nice array of cars


first dance