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Harry Potter and the History of Magic - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Harry Potter and the History of Magic [Nov. 3rd, 2017|09:05 pm]
Friday 27 October: Harry Potter and the History of Magic

The Harry Potter: History of Magic is very worth visiting if you like rare books, beautifully illustrated manuscripts full of mandrakes, herbal potions and magical creatures. Great to see the Ripley Scroll again since the magic exhibition at the Bodlein Library, so huge...once again loved the decor, lights made out of cauldrons, gothic doorways, wall moving images matching my corset and winking at you, potions making. Waterhouse painting on display which is always a pleasure, bit on charms, alchemy, astronomy, divination and of course on Harry Potter (scripts, various covers, but mostly influences). So more a show on history of magic that Harry Potter as such which was what i had hope. A lovely mix and a great way to see in one places bits from Bostcastle witchcraft museums and various libraries, shame I had to do it in a bit of a rush to catch Tiger Lillies second set so i guess I might have to revisit and the shops....so many temptations .