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Royal Academy Library [Oct. 17th, 2017|02:43 pm]
Monday 17 October: Royal Academy Library

Lovely visit to the Royal Academy Library, especially beautiful historic collection and quite a fascinating history. Beautifully dark in there and for once a great mix of modern and old, loved their use of mirroirs underneath the balcony, making bookshelves endless. Learned a lot about the RA and its exhibition. Didn’t even realised the summer exhibition was the longest running event like this, and that there used to be a winter one for decease artists, also that they kind of started the big exhibition in London. Quite a fascinating history as a membership artist’s society. For our visit they selected some fascinating and pretty stunning books, I used to go to the summer exhibition a lot when I was an art student but I had not seen the catalogue cover by Blake with Ian Dury on. Loved one of the book the on perspective as it took ages to notice all the perspective were wrong on purpose as so well done and some stunning illustrated ones. Learned a lot and I always enjoy visiting all the societies in the areas. Also an excuse to pop to Fortum and Mason and lust after their teas and looked at their pretty Halloween chocolates.