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Pedibus video for Autorotation - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pedibus video for Autorotation [Oct. 13th, 2017|12:32 pm]
Saturday 30 September: Pedibus video for Autorotation

Survived my first week at work in my new job, it was quite insane with daily talks in front of 100's students and i was quite sick with the lurgy...at least friday i went to sleep at 8pm so i could do this on the saturday.
It wasso much fun, the band had booke done of those pedibus and were filming for their next videa .  I was asked to help with makeup adding dots and eyeliner on the pavement and the odd hats and accessories as we the aim was to look miserable whilst pedaling around london to full goth music blasting..no easy as in between takes we spent our time giggling. It was so much fun

hellor tower bridge

toilet break