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Medusa in the Thames Tunnel - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Medusa in the Thames Tunnel [Oct. 2nd, 2017|06:10 pm]
Wednesday 27 September: Medusa in the Thames Tunnel

It was nice to be back in the Rotherhithe area, made me want to revisit the amazing Sand studio with all its rooms and rooms of costumes, instead just a glimpse from outside. That was one fab open house discovery few years ago and above a library :)
Dinner in the fab Mayflower Pub

27 Degrees Medusa was enjoyable last night. I have been wanting to return in the tunnel and see how it worked as an performance space. The acoustic is fantastic and, well you are in a weird shaft/round tunnel with fascinating history. I am still on the fence regarding immersive theatre, as so often i found them confusing and awkward, at least for this one, being just one round room, it was easier to follow. Some chapters were a bit too abstract, a bit art installation/amateur but others really worked well. I loved their use of lights, especially shadows, some of the dancing and use of space was great with ropes, candles, music, projections. Unfortunately I forgot it was that start of term week when i booked it and a rotten cold so I was glad it was a short play and not sure i was able to give it my full attention.