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Sat Open House: White Cube & Unicorn Theatre - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sat Open House: White Cube & Unicorn Theatre [Sep. 18th, 2017|06:02 pm]

Saturday 16 September: London Open House: White Cube & Unicorn Theatre

5. White Cube on Bermondesley Street
A gallery currently showing the ‘Dreamers Awake’ exhibition, highlighting women surrealist artists. I particularly loved Leonora Carrington’s work and suspect I’ve seen shows on her before (probably at Viktor Wynd’s place.

6. Then we tried to get into The Weston Flats because the pretentious description of the flats just made us all laugh, with its ‘tessalating designs… generating a double height void… incorporating the solidspace DNA’ but it was shut or perhaps ‘involved a non-accessible atmospheric’.

7. Finally we hit ‘The Unicorn’ children’s theatre where we were shown another modern concrete box with clever old features like trapdoors and flying scenery. The guide was brilliant and so were the unexpected international-theatre-star-rabbits living on the roof.