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Black Rose Ball York: Irfan - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Black Rose Ball York: Irfan [Sep. 11th, 2017|05:56 pm]
Friday 1 September:Black Rose Ball: Irfan

Returned the night before just before midnight, slept on sofa bed (as not very fair to move our Oscar from the bedroom as he was cat/house sitting for us) , swap suitcases , Paul arrived and at 11am off to York
Quite stressful busy motorway drive but we got there, checked in, found friends in the lobby, went for food and off to the start of the event.

Wishing we would have had more time to explore the grounds and see all its pretty ruins. What a stunning venue, but we were rushing to catch Seventh Harmonic who did a great opening gig with the added unexpected surprise of a member from Irfan playing with them.
Irfan were as dark, intense and beautiful as always, in some ways seeing them in such a venue made it even more intense than seeing them outdoor in castelfest.
Last act was Kirk Brandon aKoustiK, which i had not seen before in that format, not really my thing but nice to hear that one iconic song.
Ending the night bouncing to some great tunes :)

bird skulls night :)

what a venue

Seventh Harmonic

Usual suspects


last band