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St Marcel D'Ardeche Grotto - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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St Marcel D'Ardeche Grotto [Sep. 7th, 2017|07:40 pm]
Tuesday 29 August: St Marcel D'Ardeche Grotto

That morning we went shopping with my mum, filling the suitcases with the usual french goodies, in the afternoon we decide to give simon a break for my beloved sunshine and took him to a nice , dark and cool grotto. Many grottos all around the ardeche, and i have visited them all over the years but he hadn't done this one and although smaller (the visited bits), they do lovely sound and light show. we were quite jalous of the other tours wizzing past on the zip wire.
In the evening friends and chloe came round for a BBQ (as well as many mosquitoes)