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Gorges Du Toulourenc - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Gorges Du Toulourenc [Sep. 5th, 2017|05:13 pm]
Friday 25 August: Gorges Du Toulourenc

We discovered those on our last trip to france, so wanted to return and this time do the big walk upstream. Took 4 hours of walking up river through lots of fun rapids and gorgeous scenery. Loved the mega boulders to climb over but a shame low water level so swimming was limited.
It is from mountain so the water is always fresh but compared to ponds here very pleasant :)

in the morning we did the little canyon, before having picnic /lunch

even little grottos

the upriver adventure starts
the marmites were a lot smaller this year

off we go..look at that colour of the water so beautiful

sometimes by ourselves sometimes busy

enjoying each time deep enough

adelaide the acrobat

fresh cascade

dangling from trees

water might only be knee high still enough to jump

or roll down