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New Forest Fairy Festival - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New Forest Fairy Festival [Aug. 23rd, 2017|01:43 pm]
Sunday 13 August: New Forest Fairy Festival

Been wanting to check it out for a while but this year it sold out, luckily Amanda managed to find me a ticket (not for simon sadly so he went re-enacting instead)

It was so lovely to be back in pretty Burley and all its witchy shops and wandering horses. A perfect location for a festival. I hadn't been to that one before and it was so lovely. Caught up with lots of friends i didn't see due to missing faeryfest this year , spent too much money in all the lovely stalls and what a brilliant relaxing atmosphere. The unexpected sunshine also made the day...definitely one to revisit next year


Full album of photos : https://ceciledubuis.smugmug.com/Festivals/New-Forest-Fairy-Festival/