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Heilung and Corvus Corvax - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Heilung and Corvus Corvax [Aug. 16th, 2017|05:47 pm]
Saturday 4th August: Castlefest

Whilst waiting for the burning, the heaven open, we got very soaked but luckily Corvus Corvax loud noises made it stopped

Music wise at Castlefest this year highlight and discovery was Heilung. I liked what I heard online but I wasn’t quite prepared for it live..OMG…they have never even played live before and headline a festival. So glad they somehow did ,what a show! Reminded me of the first time I saw Rosa Crux , i felt part of a ritualistic, something special, goosebump and chill down my spine type of gig . A mix of tribals, Mongolian throat singing, drumming, Vikings, shaman, singer-priestess in white, bones, antlers, chants, shouts, trance, and more. If you like Dead Can Dance , Rosa Crux , Wardruna …check them out!!!!!!!
Even the CD is full of symbols, runes, dark imagery , artwork project and a very silly price but god it is good and dark….

even found one of the CC members for a photo :)

rain :(

the burning

Kran leaf

silly lights playing