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Cycling, Sand storm, ruins and Walibi - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cycling, Sand storm, ruins and Walibi [Aug. 10th, 2017|09:40 pm]
Thursday 3 August: Cycling, Sand storm, ruins and walibi

Rainy day so we hired some bikes, to go and see a ruined castle. Ruins of Telingan, cycled there
It was closed but we saw a windmill and a white walabi on the way.
The sun finally come out as we reach the sea but so windy a bit like cycling into a sand storm so beach bar for fruit beer and lunch to take refuge.
Aly bought a big sheep and we went cycling through the dunes, the cycling lanes are so fabulous overthere.
Then we decided to go and have a swim!!! One of the windiest beach I have encountered. We virtually had to cross a sand storm to get to it. Battered by sand but the waves were mental, fun and we had the whole sea to ourselves. At least the sun replaced the rain, I am now happy and utterly exhausted from cycling and swimming whilst battling the elements.Sadly whist we were in the sea a gulf of wind made Aly fell off her bike and really hurt herself.

closed but seen from afar

sun out again


just a bit windy


simon way to deal with forgottan cap :)

swimming time