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Castlefest Preps: Dolls/ Steampunk/ Tribal - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Castlefest Preps: Dolls/ Steampunk/ Tribal [Jul. 28th, 2017|12:22 pm]
Talking of Castlefest realise I have posted what i have been making recently for it....

Dolls were harmed in the process, but only to update my steampunk/doll outfit into a newer version and to go along the new "dollycize" headdress  :)

Having worn so many version of horns,the next stage could only be LEG HORNS. Latest headdress i have been working on to go with my doll outfit.
Actually added a few more bits last night and wings :)

lots of details and body parts to get attached to

LOve the new addition but gosh it makes the skirt heavy...

getting more and more hybrids


as someone said looks like a baby is burrowing in my brain..a bit disturbing :)