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Howard surprise stag do - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Howard surprise stag do [Jul. 28th, 2017|05:34 pm]
Sunday 23 July: Howard surprise stag do

Sunday was difficult as we had one BBQ in north London and one surprise stag do in Croydon. My original plan was to attempt both but logistic, very late return, need to see inside the house for a bit we could only make one. As Howard and Yolande do not get married very often and as Yolande told me..it is all my fault they got together (only by me letting Howard crash at my flat so he could go on a date with her 10+ years ago) so we decided to go south.
So it was back in the Ship pub, who is nice and empty on a sunday afternoon. It worked well Howard was utterly surprised to see all this familiar faces in his local. It was a lovely afternoon catching up with lots of friends , then around 8pm a few of us on our way back to North London stopped for food at the Box park by east Croydon station, passed it many time but never actually been in. The usual a bit over prices street food but amusing to check all the menus in the different containers, there was even a bed and I tried my first vegan doner kebab.

the happy couple

with future groom

bed and food!!!