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Blenheim Battle Proms - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Blenheim Battle Proms [Jul. 27th, 2017|10:03 pm]

Saturday 22 July: Blenheim Battle Proms

It was cold and wet, but as always quite spectacular and fun. Driving around Blenheim ground is always quite breath-taking, especially when I am on the wheels but at least I could see through the rain unlike the first part of the journey when it was torrential (luckily I wasn’t driving). Shame it was such bad weather but also always quite a crazy scenery of everyone watching it all despite the weather using bin bags, tents, giant umbrellas, waving their little flags whilst drinking watery down champagne. A shame the parachuting and spitfire got cancelled but as always really enjoyed the finally when our guys were firing alongside the canons, the orchestra and the impressive firework.

here a little glimpse , full album here: ceciledubuis.smugmug.com/2017/Blenheim-Battle-Prom/

the will watch it whatever the weather !!!

allowed amused me ..

i need that


simon in front of fireworks

daytime firing



firing along the canons and fireworks