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Andrew O’Neill Black Mafic Fun Hour - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Andrew O’Neill Black Mafic Fun Hour [Jul. 27th, 2017|08:56 pm]
Friday 21 July : Andrew O’Neill Black Mafic Fun Hour

Most of my friends know that stand-up comedy is my ideas of hell, but time to time I have to try it again and Andrew is one of the rare one I actually like and I actually for once get quite a few of the jokes , as at least it involves heavy metal, goths, magic and even one on Jeremy Bentham J. Seen bits of his show before so it was nice to seat and see full performance and something a bit different .

I still find it a awkward format but it as a great night as at the Ace and Eights so we had awesome pizzas and cocktails and watch his show J

241 on cocktails first :)