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Chaps Olympiad - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chaps Olympiad [Jul. 27th, 2017|01:52 pm]
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Saturday 15 July: Chaps Olympiad

Despite the grey skies, the rain and the lack of tea available what a fun & splendid day. It was silly well dress eccentric fun as always. Simon took part in quite a few “sporting” events. Not so sure of his bowler hat throwing abilities, however the umbrella jousting on bicycle was extremely entertaining and quite violent and I really enjoyed watching them passing the “cox”..ie sexy nurse and man in leotard onesie. Stewart ended in extremely tight trousers made from newspapers and sellotape whilst Rob and King Jong Un seemed confused when the ping pong table started to walk away. As well as an array of more silly games like tea pursuits, moustache envy, sock wrestling, riding crop crumpus ect…

I went to chat to someone I was sure I knew, but couldn’t quite place from where…to only much later realise it was because he was my favorite contestant on Masterchef…I am starting to blur the lines between friends and TV oh dear!!!!!! Shame there was such a bad feeling beforehand from all the soft drink ban but on the day great fun

Testing how long it takes to attempt to post them all one by one (long, especially as i have to change between large or medium as sizes vary)..but all learning phase..i was going to just pick a few but as they all show different games difficult... the full album is on here. i might to investigate and comment directly on smugsmug..but will see https://ceciledubuis.smugmug.com/2017/Chaps-Olympiad-2017/

to battle

icnic in the rain :(

the game commence with the pipe lightening

all styles :)

pipe passing 

rest after their effort

tea pouring cycling

pretending what i would have looked like without rain ...

more silly games 

poor simon


ping pong

making newspaper and sellotape trousers

buddy from work!

sock wrestling

passing the cox !!! highly entertaining
poor crush simon

dancefloor at the end

the end .......