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Non Bio gig [Jul. 27th, 2017|01:34 pm]
Wednesday 12 july: Non Bio gig

I will just share Simon Satori wordings about that gig and add some photos to illustrate (he does it better than i can!).

"Life After The Human League!

Last night we went to The Black Heart in Camden to see The Resonance Association, Spucktute and Non-Bio with incidental music from DJ Mark Eris: basically a free night of noise and industrial music. Rather fantastic and challenging evening. There's a wonderful ethic of belligerence in the scene as each band in its own way defy expectations - that bands need vocals, that they need conventional instruments, that they need conventional song structures etc etc usw. I loved big chunks of each performance but I'd come specifically to hear Non-Bio's noises because I'm both familiar and sympathetic with Howard's work and ideas (he was one of my 'invisible friends' on the Hi-Reciprocity CD). I particularly love the fact that amongst all the sleek keyboards and laptops and theremin ( :) ) Howard's random collection of boxes with lights and buttons and knobs always have the look and feel of art and chaos and magic about it... you can smell the fresh solder and brimstone!"

the photos are a bit too small but i think it is because i used to reduce them for photobucket but no need here still a few bits to sort but hopefully will get there ...

The resonance association


Non Bio