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new photo host [Jul. 27th, 2017|12:27 pm]
 Hopefully posts will resume soon, although they will be a bit different. More annoying and noticeable to me htan anyone reading i guess.

Since the whole photobucket threat started to really become a reality,  I have also been looking into new photo hosting sites, so much thanks to Aly for all the help. Although they haven't yet removed all my photo links , everyday more friends had their done so no point using it anymore to post my photos (despite paying my annual subscription not long ago..i guess we are in the next batch , after the free account...)

Most of the free ones either are too small, in danger to go same way as photobucket or do not offer any 3rd party links. I had to accept than I need to get another paying account, annoying as after paying for years with photobucket, i am still about to loose 10+ years worth of photo links on my entries so no guaranty it will not happen again ...but cannot stay in limbo as backlog happens. 
At least I think my family is up to date is reading my LJ and copying the photos they liked

I am now paying for a smugsmug album, sadly it does not offer embed links to whole album (just slideshow) and i will have to  copy and paste the embed link per photo and just have a link to the rest of the album , not great but the best i seem to find and website making is not one of my skills :(

Warned my mum and sister that they will have to click on extra link to see whole albums and will be more time consuming but oh well not much choice and driving me mad to get backlog whilst trying to find a solution...i hate being out of synch, weird i can be easy going but things like that really annoy me . 

here a link for a petition regarding the photobucket https://www.change.org/p/photobucket-reverse-the-photobucket-third-party-rule