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Reptile [Jul. 12th, 2017|06:16 pm]
Saturday 8 July: Reptile 

Failed going to Exit the grey as i was so tired but at least made it to Reptile, such a shame so many clubs clashed that one weekend. As always awesome music , my plan to leave early failed as kept dancing to one more song!!!

Played with a new hairstyle and no corset 

 photo IMG_20170708_212827.jpg

 photo IMG_20170708_212908.jpg

 photo IMG_20170708_212915.jpg

 photo IMG_20170708_212949.jpg
band: Stereo Juggernaut
 photo IMG_3647.jpg

 photo IMG_3649.jpg

 photo IMG_3654.jpg
 photo IMG_3655.jpg

 photo IMG_3661.jpg

 photo IMG_3675.jpg

 photo IMG_3676.jpg