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Mercerism at Crypt Gallery - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mercerism at Crypt Gallery [Jul. 12th, 2017|06:05 pm]
Friday 7 July: Mercerism at Crypt Gallery

Just popped to see this exhibition in my favourite venue and it had a nice range of artworks. Really like the bones turned vases and some of the paintings. Some of the areas were a little bit too dark to see the artworks.
The official blurb: Based around the idea of consciousness and empathy in relation to technology.The title is derived from Philip K. Dicks novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Mercerism is the artificial technology based religion of the future that creates a collective consciousness that leads to an empathy between humans; in a sense an almost spiritualised unity of joy and pain.
Other philosophical concepts explored in the book are what constitutes a human being; in the book empathy is the most vital ingredient(Deckard), whilst in the film version(Blade Runner, 1982) it is memory.
The work in the exhibition relates to both the film and book.

 photo IMG_3593.jpg

 photo IMG_3594.jpg
 photo IMG_3595.jpg
 photo IMG_3596.jpg
 photo IMG_3597.jpg
 photo IMG_3598.jpg
 photo IMG_3599.jpg
 photo IMG_3601.jpg
 photo IMG_3603.jpg
 photo IMG_3604.jpg
 photo IMG_3605.jpg
 photo IMG_3606.jpg
 photo IMG_3608.jpg
 photo IMG_3609.jpg
 photo IMG_3610.jpg
 photo IMG_3611.jpg
 photo IMG_3612.jpg
 photo IMG_3613.jpg
 photo IMG_3615.jpg