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Staff Conference [Jul. 12th, 2017|05:56 pm]
Thursday 6 July: Staff Conference

Our fun annual conference , been learning about cognitive maps and doing lots of doodling whilst analysing why we work in library, about yourself and more... then a workshop using photography for feedback, lovely lunch in the sun and in the afternoon I did Japanese block printing. so hard to pick as there was so many god options from making sculptures from recycled bottles, hug a puppies, old fashion games, quizzes, walks...
In the evening the party, so drinking prosseco, G&T, , yummy salad buffer followed by hot pizzas and too many amazing cakes everyone was too full to eat.

this year my team and I even got nominated for an award for excellence which was a surprise (but didn't win)

Finally left the party around 11.30 pm as the music went a bit downhill
 photo IMG_20170706_155142.jpg
cognitive maps
 photo IMG_20170706_113237.jpg

the hardest was making our own stamps from corks and sponges..a very messy business

 photo IMG_20170706_153208.jpg

 photo IMG_20170706_153212.jpg

 photo IMG_20170706_153322.jpg

 photo IMG_20170706_153358.jpg

the star of the show
 photo IMG_20170706_160431.jpg

party begins what a setting
 photo IMG_20170706_212458.jpg

 photo IMG_20170706_220407.jpg
nightime ucl
 photo IMG_20170706_231737.jpg

 photo IMG_20170706_231744.jpg