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Bruises [Jul. 12th, 2017|05:38 pm]
The bruising saga...

So last Monday i had a blood test, the next day it was really sore then a mega bruise came out next to the test (on where needle was only a small normal expected size bruise) then it just got bigger and bigger, started to go up my arm and get quite a collection of them, my poor candia face changed colour, on my elbow...an array of colours then each time more and more and some quite red explosion like...went to the chemist to get some arnica cream and even he was surprised by the size and told me if still hurting to g to GP on Monday
I had a constant change of sizes and colours over the weekend

so first thing Monday morning I attempted to see someone at my surgery. To be told I needed to return to see the person who did the blood test!!! What?? I cannot see how me going back to a busy hospital blood test unit and ask for that said nurse to be summoned !!! I took a number , was called and someone did it, it is pretty faceless and what would she do?? Anyway after much persuasion they finally gave me an appointment in the afternoon. Always so complicated.
At least the doctor was a lot nicer than the receptionist. Luckily no infection or liquids trapped just a massive mild haematoma , but due to the unusual size of the bruises (especially now they have all joined ) she wants me to have another blood test to check if slightly hemophiliac ! At least the results from that troublesome blood test were good , no IBS or celiac:)
never knew so much blood could leak from one simple blood test...
Suggested bandage, ice and no boxing for a while longer :(


this was taken last wednesday ...hard to take a photo as now going all way round arm elbow but i think definitely getting better. i just need a little cushion when typing as elbow bit hurt

 photo IMG_20170707_090342.jpg