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Stripey furniture - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Stripey furniture [Jul. 4th, 2017|08:43 pm]
Friday 30 June: Georgie came for dinner , so good to catch up and we now have another tangine convert it seems :)

Saturday 1 July: Painting

Bye bye horrible pine , hello black...no Goth Stereotype here...slowly doing the dressing room..always reorganizing in there to fit it all..but very mixmatch furniture so hoping to create a more tim burton look...still need to do the curtains , clothes basket...but at least one more step closer. That night we were planning to go to Art at night , but ended up painting till super late (the stripe bits so time consuming as many layers and need to dry for tape) a shame but seeing reviews maybe good we didn't go (mostly queues and no access)

 photo 19511508_10154416247221548_517397563120351669_n.jpg

simon doing his own project
 photo 19665171_10154416247371548_8225591034732814333_n.jpg


 photo 19598463_10154417146791548_320674393396818003_n.jpg

 photo 19665577_10154417146681548_2769273925323486972_n.jpg

getting there

 photo 19748868_10154425811906548_8012026491049359831_n.jpg