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A little hair change - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A little hair change [Jul. 4th, 2017|08:29 pm]
Wednesday 28 June

Yummy dinner and lovely dinner at Merlyn Taylor and Emma Smith last night :)

Thursday 29 June: Change of hair colour a bit

For the past 18 months out of both curiosity and lazyness, I haven't dyed my hair. I guess part of me was hoping for some fabulous shimmering whites, however I got more greyish salt&pepper and the odd stripes on the side ;) so that night i went to see Emma at Headlites in Holloway Road (at least staring at Johnny Depp and Bloody razors whilst having your hair wash) ...to spice up this natural black phase ..

She had a play at bleaching the odd underneath bits (might do more later but this was to see how it would react first, having not bleached my hair in over 20 years) and adding some colours to all my greys...so i now have lovely highlights of lavender and pinks


 photo IMG_3555.jpg photo IMG_3554.jpg

 photo IMG_3572.jpg

 photo IMG_3569.jpg photo IMG_3570.jpg

 photo 19598742_10154409310796548_4269928829543252310_n.jpg

 photo 19601185_10154409310916548_7129998338022210318_n.jpg