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Return Journey [Jun. 29th, 2017|08:10 pm]
 Monday 19 June: Return journey

The drive back to Madrid was a bit stressful unable t find food or a toilet stop en route, every attempt to follow signs to a service just ended up in some small town with a petrol station but so small no loos. i got to the stage so bad we had to stop on hard shoulder for me to rush to a bush only for the police on bike to stop to check i was ok so sheepilish pretended just needed fresh air and off we go again...in the end we had to go into a town to have a drink in a bar to have a wee...of course failure on food as everything closed at lunchtime!!!

Finally made it to Madrid airport and over an hour driving around trying to find a petrol station to refill the rental car, finally found one miles away rush back, dropping the car was maybe, .eventually done and all good (always worried they will try con you)but running a bit late..started to look for out terminal to realised not looking good and eventually found coach for it but wrong side so had to take 2 and realised t4 pretty much in another town to T1 (back to where we went for petrol)..so more a 20 min trip...rush to check in , then tube and miles of walking about , luckily all very fast there and even found some snack food by our  plane..finally!!!!!
Easy flight, most needed cup of tea..i never thought someone putting a slice of lemon in my tea and simon getting his first proper cup on BA would make us so so happy after such a long day....Heathrow always so smooth and fast compared to the others..and the last leg the long long tube home...collapse 

At least summer had finally arrived in London, cool compared to spain..so back at work on Tuesday and on Wednesday went for a swim in the Ladies Pond