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Museo del Urinal - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Museo del Urinal [Jun. 29th, 2017|06:55 pm]
Sunday 18 June: Museo del Urinal

Apparently very unique, the museum of Urinals. 1300 types on display from murano glass ones to swinging chair commode to breast shape ones. Its collector is a pesetos, looks like the equivalent to a pearly king. Visited after the final battle so it felt so good to be back in more summery clothes. Very surreal as always but a must see :)

 photo IMG_3266.jpg

 photo IMG_3233.jpg

 photo IMG_3234.jpg

 photo IMG_3235.jpg

 photo IMG_3237.jpg

 photo IMG_3238.jpg

 photo IMG_3239.jpg

 photo IMG_3240.jpg

 photo IMG_3241.jpg

 photo IMG_3244.jpg

 photo IMG_3245.jpg

 photo IMG_3246.jpg

 photo IMG_3247.jpg

 photo IMG_3248.jpg

 photo IMG_3250.jpg

 photo IMG_3251.jpg

 photo IMG_3252.jpg

 photo IMG_3253.jpg

 photo IMG_3254.jpg

 photo IMG_3255.jpg

 photo IMG_3256.jpg

 photo IMG_3257.jpg

 photo IMG_3258.jpg

 photo IMG_3259.jpg

 photo IMG_3260.jpg

 photo IMG_3261.jpg

 photo IMG_3262.jpg

 photo IMG_3263.jpg

 photo IMG_3264.jpg

 photo IMG_3265.jpg

 photo IMG_3267.jpg

 photo IMG_3269.jpg

 photo IMG_3270.jpg